Talks in the Grant Arms

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12th April 2015 “Chris Rose Wildlife Art” –  Chris Rose

As part of our Bird Art Week, we are delighted to welcome internationally acclaimed artist, Chris Rose back to the hotel.  In his first of two talks this week, Chris will give a talk about what inspires him to paint.  Join us for this fascinating insight into how Chris paints his wonderful pictures.  Check out some of his work at

14th April 2015 “South Georgia Project – Artists for Albatrosses” – Chris Rose

At the beginning of 2010 Chris Rose spent 5 weeks with fellow artist John Gale drawing and painting the wildlife and scenery of South Georgia.  Sailing from the Falkland Islands on the 20m yacht the Golden Fleece – their home and studio for the entire trip – they circumnavigated the archipelago of South Georgia. As they were accompanying a scientific expedition, headed by leading albatross research scientist Sally Poncet, they were privileged to be allowed access to many areas rarely visited by people.  The aim of the project, called ‘Artists for Albatrosses’ was to raise funds for and awareness of Birdlife International’s Save the Albatross Campaign, which is managed in the U.K. by the RSPB. Join us for this fascinating insight into their trip as Chris takes us on the journey and shows us some of the amazing drawings to come out of it.

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