All wrapped up?

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Last night was a tutoring night – punctuated by school bells controlling parents’ evening. But Angus just had time to show us a crafty way of creating our own wrapping paper, which someone shared with him on Facebook.

So for those who missed it or others who want a wee reminder. . .


Step 1
Step 1

Step 1 – On a piece of paper slightly smaller than A4, draw a number of related objects in pen, overlapping them with each other but staying away from the edges and corners.


Step 2 – Using a guillotine, cut your drawing in half lengthways. Yes, honestly – cut it up.







Step 2
Step 3


Step 3 – Tape the two sections together, but the wrong way round.

Like this. . .

As you can see, if you had another sheet identical to this, you could continue the pattern to either side.


Step 4 – Cut the drawing in half horizontally. Aye, again.







Step 3
Step 5

Step 5 – Tape it together, again the wrong way round.


Step 6 – You should now have piece of paper with your original drawing distributed in the corners and a bit of a gap in the middle.










Step 4
Step 7

Step 7 – Fill the gaps in the middle with another drawing or two.











Halloween paperYour master sheet can now be photocopied and tessellated in any direction to make a striking repeating pattern. Like this. . .


And you could colour it in, making lovely wrapping paper for birthdays or Christmas!

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