Feb 22: Coloured pencils

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Back to an old favourite this week: coloured pencil.

Long-term members will remember we’ve had lots of lessons on using this medium. They are versatile and produce a range of different effects.

Bring your own images of the Cairngorms and Angus will show us how to create some beautiful landscapes!



Jan 18: Sharing inspiration

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This week’s class will be a repeat of one of last year’s popular workshops. Everyone will choose their favourite medium and work from the same source.

Older members may recall that last time we were given the Old Spey Bridge as inspiration: you can see the results by reading the previous report, The Old Spey Bridge Challenge.

Angus is going to select a picture related to our exhibition theme, Cairngorms, and will reveal it on Wednesday night.

There is also a committee meeting so it will be a busy night!


Dec 14: Flowers

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We’d love to bring you pictures of last week’s class but we don’t want to spoil anyone’s Christmas surprise. Just take our word for it that everything looked great and Santa has been very kind to you.

This week it’s a flashback to more colourful times with mixed media flower painting. Angus will demonstrate a range of techniques to allow the class to create beautiful and expressive pictures of flowers.

There will be materials available and, thankfully given the season, some source imagery, but feel free to bring your own.

Dec 7: On repeat

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Wednesday night’s class offers a second chance to get your mugs and bracelets printed.

And it’s a chance to make progress on any of your unfinished work.

Remember that the theme for our next exhibition is Cairngorms so any pictures that fit in with this subject will be perfect for the big show!


An art group in disguise

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M was for masks last night as we took up the challenge of decorating paper masks.

With some inspiration from the Day of the Dead-style sugar skulls, members used paint, pen and collage to make some weird and wonderful creations: Donald Trump even made an appearance.

Angus would like to get them all back to class at some point soon so that he can make a big display to go to the Iona Gallery for the Kingussie Food on Film Festival next year.


Hares, hedgehogs and squirrels

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Cardboard cutouts were the order of the day on Wednesday night as Angus showed us how to turn simple silhouettes into lovely works of art.

We looked at the work of a number of different artists, including Pat Perry and Chris Keegan, who both use simple outlines of objects to create something much more intricate and beautiful. And there was the work of Norwegian artist, Andreas Lie, who combines animal portraits with a glimpse of their habitat.

Angus demonstrated some of his own ideas and set us all to work with stencils of animals and people’s heads. Coloured pencils, pens and paint all helped us bring some colour to our creations as you can see from the pictures.


A sunny start to the year

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Great to see so many members at the first Wednesday night of the new term – particularly with the lure of a perfect summer evening and the Olympics competing for your attention.

As well as the familiar faces, we welcomed two new members. And they were treated to a pretty perfect Spey Art Group experience.As well as getting a glimpse of the new banner, there were new Spey Art Group aprons for everyone present.

And with the atmosphere in the art room being so stuffy, a few of us went up on the school roof (for the second time this year) where the cool breeze was very welcome. The views were glorious and members enjoyed the challenge of sketching the Cairngorms.

And then there was cake, thanks to birthday girl Kerstin. Could all our Wednesday nights be this good this year?



Still life (transparent stuff)

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This week we learned how to draw transparent objects for still life. It was good fun and the results were impressive.

That’s life (drawing)

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The Cairngorms Learning Partnership is offering the chance to learn or improve your life drawing skills.

Dan Cottam will be teaching a life class at the Iona Gallery on June 18, from 10am-4pm.

Activities will include:

  • quick sketches and warm ups
  • compositional and proportional sketches
  • measuring in space and using relative comparisons
  • How to use light and shade to create form
  • Using negative space
  • How to create perspective and deal with foreshortening

The six hour class cost just £65. To book, click here to get to the CLP’s website.

life drawing

A tale of two art rooms

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The class went in two different directions on Wednesday night. One group started still life lessons with Angus, while a group of ladies went with Rona to carry on their silk painting.

We were spoilt for choice for the still life – shoes, kettles, old lamps, sheep skulls- and we got to create our own wee dens with bits of cardboard and old sheets.

Angus taught the still lifers how to use pen and ink. But it was a difficult technique to master and we definitely need more practice.

In the next room, everyone was busy producing some lovely delicate work, as you can see.