This week: Dribbly drawings

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Hopefully, if the snow disappears by Wednesday, this week’s lesson will be about how to use watercolour pencils. They’re one of those media that you get and then disappear into your massive art box forever.

So take them out dust them off and we’ll do some dribbly drawings.

If you have some of your own, please bring them along, otherwise the group has a small selection that you can use.

And if you want to bring your own source imagery, that’s great – it’s easiest to experiment when using a simple image, i.e. single flowers are easier than large landscapes. I’ll have plenty of pictures if you’re not sure what to do.



Autumn colours

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Wednesday’s workshop focused on depicting autumn and its wonderful colours.

Angus showed the group lots of different ways that artists have represented autumn. As well as botanical paintings capturing the minute details of leaves, slodges of colour can be used to represent leaves on trees.Some artists use the leaves themselves to create beautiful collages of animals. The complex designs were astonishing and patience was clearly required to create them.

However, even more patience was needed for the next set of works. Artists cut shapes out of the leaf itself, creating intricate artworks.

And finally, Angus showed everyone an easy way to paint birch trees. Using just a few dabs of white and black paint, he demonstrated how to drag the paint across the paper, creating the look of bark, with black paint used to give the impression of branches. Green and yellow leaves can be dabbed in later.

Armed with a forest of leaves, everyone set off to get stuck in. Collage was popular, with clear pockets helping to press the leaves down onto brightly painted backgrounds. Printing the leaves also created pretty lace-like images, showing the thin veins of the various leaves.

Angus’ summer exhibition

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Very excited to be showing work in Kingussie’s Iona gallery this summer. Drinks on opening night, Friday 10th 6-10pm if you can make it along.


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No outdoor painting today but lots of fun painting cameleons instead

Clarty painting

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Had lots of fun making lots of lovely expressive pintings with the group today. Very impressed by the range of different works made with palette knives, rags and fingerpainting. Even more mess to be made next week when we’ll be paper casting!

Messy acrylic

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We’re going to do one of these on Wednesday. Painting with rag, sponge and palette knife.



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We’ll be learning to do this on Wednesday! I’ve put a film showing how it’s done on as I can’t upload video to this site.


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Landscape practice for the first September workshop.

Gouache workshop 11 June

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11th June
11th June gouache workshop