Sunshine on Grantown

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With the glorious sunshine shining down on the town, we were to have the chance to get onto the roof of Grantown Grammar (after the appropriate risk assessment and trip hazard warnings!) on Wednesday night.

A small group braved the stiff breeze and enjoyed lovely views of the Cairngorms and the Cromdales – as well as an exercise class, tennis players and football training. The atmosphere was even topped off by the skirl of pipes!


Sketchbooks ready?

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Well, that’s the excitement of the exhibition over for another year. It was a fantastic show and excellent contribution from everyone -whether you submitted a work, took part in the organisation or manned the display.

But now we’re back to work…

Angus is plannig to guide us through still life, starting with drawing some of the weird and wonderful objects you find in a school art department. He’ll set a few drawing exercises to get us in the mood.

So come armed with a sketchbook and a pencil or two!

Directions for sketching trip on Saturday

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Take the A95 from Cromdale towards Advie for 3 miles.

There’s a lay-by on right hand side – drive past this for around 250 yards (cottages on right) – turn left down track – Tulchan A Beat.

If you reach traffic lights at Dalvey Farm you have gone too far!

Could you let Rona and Viv know if you are or are not going.

Painting outdoors 25 june

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Meeting at school for 7pm then departing for Old Spey Bridge (Classic spey art group subject).

Group will be encouraged to sketch unusual viewpoints of this often painted landmark. Bring your favorate sketching media. watercolour and water soluable pencils encouraged but not essential.

I will provide some foldy chairs and a choice of “smidge” or “skin so soft”.