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Fizzing with flower power

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This week saw the return of our group painting night, which is always full of colour, fun and laughter. It was also great to see some of our associate members joining in.

Members split into two groups and played a few rounds of ‘Pictionary’ to begin, using chalk, charcoal and then paint. This quickly got very competitive.

Everyone also got the chance to use implements to make marks on the paper. This included a choice of items from the art department, including leaves, string, toy cars and a Dr Marten. Member Viv also brought some cardboard tubes that got cut up to make flower shapes. These were really effective as you can see from the pictures in the slideshow.

Finally, as is now tradition, the paintings got names: Flower Power and Fields of Fizz. You can see the fantastic results in the slideshow. Thanks to everyone who took part.

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Back to the drawing board

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Spey Art Group is back!

Classes start on Wednesday August 17 after the long (and slightly damp) summer. Hope you’re all looking forward to it.

It will an evening of catching up, a spot of tutoring and membership renewal. There will also be the chance to say what you want to do over the next year. All suggestions welcome!

If you’re looking for ideas, then go no further than the website for tales of our exploits. Remember the group painting? Or watercolour pencils?

This year, the Spey Art Group is launching an associate membership. This will allow people to join on a sort-of part-time basis. Associate members will be allowed to submit two pieces of work to the annual exhibition, and to attend one of Angus’s special Wednesday workshops.

It’s a great chance for those people who don’t want to make a massive commitment to coming every week but who want to contribute to the group.

And you can now keep up-to-date with the Spey Art Group on Facebook. There’s a new page set up where we can spread the word about our activities and events with even more people.