Making a show of ourselves!

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You cannot escape the Spey Art Group this month: we’ve got work in two prominent Highland galleries!

The main show is at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness, where you can see our epic exhibition, Consequences, for the second time. If you missed it in September last year, then this is a chance not to be missed.

And it’s on show throughout February so there’s really no excuse!

AND! You can also catch members’ work at the Iona Gallery in Kingussie this weekend (until Feb 5). Before Christmas we did a workshop on decorating masks – resulting in our famous group shot. Angus has arranged that these unique creations – and those done by some of his pupils at Grantown Grammar – are being exhibited for the Food on Film Festival.

This well-known event is celebrating its 10th year with lots of events and films over the weekend so making a trip down the valley is highly recommended.

Can you paint a picture worth a few dozen words?

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That’s the intriguing challenge facing the Spey Art Group and associates.

Following the success of ‘Consequences’ exhibition now showing at Eden Court, our events extraordinaire Rona Smith has laid down a new test for us all.

It asks members to use their imaginations and creativity to come up with some unique pieces of art.

Each artist has been given three quotations and has to choose ONE as the focus for a piece of work. The quotes have been drawn from The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations – thus henceforth the project will be known as TODOQ. Rona has selected a total of 24 for the event from poetry, literature and many other subjects.

You are asked not to share your choice of quotation with anyone else – like Consequences, she’s looking for an exciting reveal when the exhibition goes on show.

Your response can be in any medium and any size.

Works will be grouped along with the quote that inspired them, giving everyone a unique insight into how the SAG mind works.

The plan is to exhibit the works first at Eden Court Theatre during July and August, though the deadline for completion has yet to be finalised.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Rona to receive your three quotations –

No man is an island handwritten
No man is an island. John Donne (1572-1631)

Jan 25: The return of Consequences

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Yes – it’s back!

Consequences is going on show at the north’s premier arts venue – Eden Court Theatre in Inverness.

This is a brilliant chance for the group to display their work in the Highland capital – and for it to be seen by thousands of peole.

The chain of works will be hanging during the whole of February.

In preparation for this, Rona Smith, who organised the exhibition, needs to collect the works.

To that end, members must bring their works to the Wednesday Jan 25 class.

Rona and her team will be hanging the pieces at Eden Court on January, with the exhibition officially open the following day.

For more information on what Consequences was all about – and see the works included – click here.

Any further questions about the arrangements should be directed to Rona Smith.

Otherwise, the Jan 25 class will be an evening of tutoring with Angus, with a chance to print any etchings started last week.

The January forecast – a brush of fresh air

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We’re back to class on Wednesday and Angus has drafted a rough plan for the term. You can find the schedule on the Spring Term section of What’s On.

Highlights include airbrushing and making ceramic tealight holders. It is set to be a busy month and hopefully there will not be too many classes cancelled because of poor weather.

Another thing to look forward to this month is the launch of Consequences at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness. The exhibition will be on show at the end of January so make sure you know where your work is so that it can be transported to the gallery in time for the opening. More information to follow.

See you all at Grantown Grammar on Wednesday night!


Lots of lovely events

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Grantown Museum is jam-packed with upcoming events during the autumn.

With our own exhibition Consequences running until September 30, there is no better time to get down to Burnfield.

This weekend sees The Big Draw, a national festival of drawing. You are invited along to find inspiration in the museum’s collectio. The event runs from Friday-Sunday, 1pm-4pm.

In October, two events will be running during the Highland Archaeology Festival. The first, on October 1 at 7.30pm, is a talk on the prehistoric sites of human occupation in Strathspey. This will be delivered by Dr Steve Goodall, with a suggested donation of £5.

A few days later, the museum will recreate the popular historical tour around the policies of Castle Grant. This will start from the museum at 10am on Thursday October 13. The suggestion donation here is £10.

Andfinally local artist Chloe Kelman will be showing her Highland cow paintings during October as well as the long-awaitedTen exhibition, in which 10 people have chosen an object from the collection and written a response to it. It could be a poem, a memory of just a few lines on why they like it.


The big reveal

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After a year of hard work and fretting, we finally got to see Consequences in all its glory.

Starting with a pair of old boots, the pictures show the wonderful (and possibly weird?) connections that we all make when we see a picture. Included in the chain are poppies, collages, an orange, landscapes, village-scapes and a fly.

The launch party went well on Saturday night with people following the numbers and catalogue to find out more about the works and what lay behind their creation. A few images can be found below.

Well done to Rona for organising the exhibition and to everyone who helped set up the exhibition and preview party.

The show is now on until September 30. But you can also see a preview on our new Consequences gallery page.


Consequences is coming

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Our new exhibition, Consequences, is just a few days away!

Everyone is looking forward to the big reveal on preview night when we will see the full chain of works hung together for the first time.

It will be very interesting to see how we got from the start to the end – the pressure is on for those at the end of chain!

Preview night is on Saturday September 17, from 6-9pm. Wine and nibbles will be on offer.

For more information see the Consequences exhibition page.


Consequences update

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We are now two-thirds of the way through our Consequences project. There are just nine more members due to complete their artworks.

Rona says that the responses to date have been varied and include paintings, photographs and sculpture.

Bet you all can’t wait until September 17 for the big reveal!

paint brushes paintbrushes art

More Consequences…

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WatercoloursPaint brushesGouache

Morvern and Rona have done their bit for our Consequences challenge and now Elaine is hard at work on her response.

For the uninitiated, click here for more information.

The good news is that Rona has contacted Eden Court Theatre in Inverness and they are interested in hosting the exhibition sometime in early 2017 – no pressure then!




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This is a challenge we haven’t tried before for art group and invited artists. It will culminate in an exhibition­ at Grantown Museum on September 17-30, 2016.

It’s a bit like Chinese Whispers or consequences!!

You will be asked to respond to a photo of an object or a photograph of someone else’s work. You can use any medium; paint, sculpt, take a photo, collage, weave, etc. Whatever you feel like!

The response can be emotional, literally a memory, a study in tone/shape etc, but try to think “out of the box”.  Your response has to be completed within two weeks because then a photo of your work will be handed to the next person in the chain.

We will have about 20 people in the chain and because we have a year until the exhibition it means folks can be flexible when they respond e.g. avoid holidays.

We’ll start next month – any questions ask Rona!