March 22: Bangles

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The return of another popular class from last year – bangle design.

These pieces of jewellery are fairly narrow so this needs to be factored into your design. But the colours reproduce well in the printing process so photographs and repeating patterns work well.

Designs are printed onto special paper and then go through a heat transfer process in a press to put them onto the bangles. With Wednesday night classes growing in popularity, Angus will be tied up with this process for much of the night. Any digital images you want to use, please email to Angus beforehand so he can prepare the image properly beforehand. High-resolution images are best.

There is a choice of two sizes of bangle: a narrow white one and a wider silver one.

Each printed bangle costs £5.

And just for good measure, there will be a committee meeting.

Sublimation printect bracelet skulls

It’s competition time!

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coloured pencils

Dear members,

As promised, here are details of our new logo design competition! Top arty prizes are available to be won!

We are renewing the logo to make it easier to reproduce on branded items and for advertisements. For that reason, it is important that your design is clean and simple. It would be best to work in blocks of colour – using simple shapes will make the image easier to print or embroider. Strong, simple shapes also allow the logo to be nicely reproduced in black and white or colour.

Pens, coloured pencils, coloured paper in collage, acrylic or gouache (in blocks of colour) will work well.

Blended paint, textural brushstrokes, pastel and sketchy drawing will be tricky to translate into a workable logo.

I’ll chat a bit about the competition this week – it’s a tutoring night so you could start work on your ideas.

Entries should be handed in to Angus by March 16.

I don’t want to be too prescriptive in the brief but if you’re stuck it might be good to include images from the national park, the Spey itself, or paintbrushes and general arty things.

The best three designs – judged anonymously by digital business expert Louise Jones, of Cairngorm Futures – will win prizes including art materials and Spey Art Group products with your own logo proudly emblazoned upon them!

The winning design will then be made into a digital image by me.

Best of luck!