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Well Gell(i).

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Wednesday night was an evening of practising old techniques and having a go at new ones.

Angus demonstrated how to do simple prints from feathers. After covering the block with printing ink, he put the feather on top and inked it as well. Then placing the feather between two sheets of paper, Angus rolled over the feather with a clean roller, creating a print of the feather on both pieces of paper.

Then Rona gave a demonstration of how to make prints using gelli plates. You can roll out acrylic onto these sheets of silicone and then make marks using a range of objects. Our members used lace, doilies, a fish slice and bubble wrap to create some intriguing patterns.

Members – and Angus – who gave gelli a go had so much fun that there was barely a patch of desk that wasn’t covered in a colourful sheet of paper.