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Keeping creative

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Hope you are all keeping well and not going too crazy being stuck at home a bit more than we would all like.

Luckily that gives you more time to do art! And there’s lots of inspiration going around online at the moment, including lessons and virtual exhibitions.

We’re going to try and keep you entertained with a few of the most amusing and bizarre ones over the next few weeks – or for however long this all last. Fingers crossed it’s over soon and we’re back together on Wednesday nights.

And we’d love to see the art you are working on – if you’re on Facebook, do share a wee picture with us at our page.

First up, we thought you’d like a laugh. The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has challenged people to recreate a piece of art using things they’ve found around the house. There have been some inspired results. You can click here to see some of the best via Twitter.

And if you get bored enough to have a go, let us see what you did.