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Fizzing with flower power

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This week saw the return of our group painting night, which is always full of colour, fun and laughter. It was also great to see some of our associate members joining in.

Members split into two groups and played a few rounds of ‘Pictionary’ to begin, using chalk, charcoal and then paint. This quickly got very competitive.

Everyone also got the chance to use implements to make marks on the paper. This included a choice of items from the art department, including leaves, string, toy cars and a Dr Marten. Member Viv also brought some cardboard tubes that got cut up to make flower shapes. These were really effective as you can see from the pictures in the slideshow.

Finally, as is now tradition, the paintings got names: Flower Power and Fields of Fizz. You can see the fantastic results in the slideshow. Thanks to everyone who took part.

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More pictures from group painting

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The last official class of the year was another classic group painting session. Splashing paint, hand prints and much more.

Are you can see from this extra selection of pictures (courtesy of Angus and Dugal McCrow, the other GGS art teacher) everyone embraced the carefree spirit of the exercise. You can see more here.

Next week is pie and chips night so let Spencer know as soon as possible if you want to go – so many members this year, spaces are limited!!


Laughing and painting

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It was great to hear so much laughter and fun in the art room last Wednesday night during our group painting.

As the photos show, everyone really got into the swing of things, flicking paint, using different tools (and a toy truck). Thanks to Tony for suggesting such a great idea. It’s definitely one to try again.

The paintings have been cut into little pictures, which we will use as a starting point for some of the still life painting. Or you can take them home to pin up on your fridge.

This week, on May 4, we’re back to tutoring. See you then!