still life

Still life (transparent stuff)

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This week we learned how to draw transparent objects for still life. It was good fun and the results were impressive.

May 25: There’s more to still life

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Wednesday’s class will continue the still life theme we started last week.

Bring in an object or two.

And get ready to paint!


A tale of two art rooms

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The class went in two different directions on Wednesday night. One group started still life lessons with Angus, while a group of ladies went with Rona to carry on their silk painting.

We were spoilt for choice for the still life – shoes, kettles, old lamps, sheep skulls- and we got to create our own wee dens with bits of cardboard and old sheets.

Angus taught the still lifers how to use pen and ink. But it was a difficult technique to master and we definitely need more practice.

In the next room, everyone was busy producing some lovely delicate work, as you can see.


Sketchbooks ready?

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Well, that’s the excitement of the exhibition over for another year. It was a fantastic show and excellent contribution from everyone -whether you submitted a work, took part in the organisation or manned the display.

But now we’re back to work…

Angus is plannig to guide us through still life, starting with drawing some of the weird and wonderful objects you find in a school art department. He’ll set a few drawing exercises to get us in the mood.

So come armed with a sketchbook and a pencil or two!