March 29: Finishing off

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We’ve nearly made it to the end of another term – one of our busiest. This week we’ll be trying to finish off any outstanding work from the past few weeks – or if you’re supr-organised, starting something new.

Last Wednesday night, there was another opportunity to see your designs on bangles. And we also got our hands on our photo-ceramic transfers for blank mugs. Here’s a few wee pictures.



March 15: Tutoring

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A chance to work on any ongoing projects you have – whether painting, clay or pastel.

For those doing clay work, you can have a go at glazing. But Angus is also offering the chance to have your drawing turned into a wee transfer for sticking to your ceramics. These are really effective in adding something extra to your piece.

They work brilliantly when they are a simple drawing so if you don’t have anything ready for tomorrow, you can have go during class.

However, these need to be sent away to be printed by a specialist so they need to be finished by the end of the lesson.

Blank ceramics will be available to those who have not made anything in the past few weeks, at a small charge (£1 per piece).

Please remember money for glazed ceramics (£2 per piece).

And there’ll be a selection of Cairngorm-themed images for inspiration.

See the pictures below for some examples of Angus’s use of the transfers.





Feb 15: Tutoring night

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A week off from learning new things – this Wednesday is a tutoring night. Get help with your ongoing work!

However airbrushing equipment will be available for those who want to keep going with the wonderful landscapes they started last week.

And it’s parents evening so Angus may be a little late to class!



This week – Dec 9: Tutoring. . . and a spot of mounting

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Paint brushes 2Wednesday night will be a tutoring night so bring along any ongoing projects or any paintings that you think need rescuing.

As well as that, I will demonstrate how to use the mount cutter so that you can start to get ready for next year’s exhibition.

And for good measure, I’ll bring along some mouldings to start you thinking about how you might want to frame your larger pieces. If you have already finished some work, you might want to bring them along. Hopefully I could start framing some of them over the Christmas break.

  • Please also note that the Dec 16 class is cancelled. Many of you will be at the Christmas lunch anyway and probably won’t feel like picking up a paintbrush!