Autumn Term


Whilst we wait for things to get back to normal we will not be returning to the school but will be running a “Virtual” art room. I have put together a series of lessons working towards a larger drawing titled “Daily walk. I’ll set some photography tasks for over the summer (don’t worry I’ll provide source images too)

After summer I’ll set one drawing task a week to keep you going. They will be set as posts to the blog, but I’ll copy them here after they’ve been set, so you can find them all in the same place.

Photography tasks

1- Interesting trees

Your first week will focus on drawing trees, take advantage of this wonderful weather we are having and take some pictures to work from during your first drawing task.
If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with trees in it go there first for your pictures, but if venturing outside do so as part of your allocated outing to exercise and remember to observe social distancing rules. Try and get some good contrast on the bark. Photos just after sunrise or before sunset will have the best “golden hour” lighting.
I will provide some source imagery for you to look at and work from if you are unable to take a suitable photograph for yourself.