The Spey Art Group Clay Fest

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Working with clay is always a highlight for the group and Wednesday night (Mar 1) proved no exception.

There were the usual whoops of delight (?) as members got to grips with the range of potters wheels in the art department.

While we are probably not ready to join the ranks of the BBC’s current series of The Great Pottery Throw Down, everyone loved having a go. And there were only a few jokes about Ghost.

Elsewhere, the mood was more sedate as people worked on wee pinch pots, which were harder to construct than Angus made them look.

Everything is now drying off in preparation for a firing. Get ready for more pottery work next week!

One thought on “The Spey Art Group Clay Fest

    fionaschat said:
    March 2, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Looked like good fun. Sorry I missed it.

    Fiona Grant

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